Quality Policy

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy

TESS INDUSTRIE operates in the field of Manufacturing and Selling of Automotive Parts, Components and Metallic Workings. We define Quality, Health and Security Management System Policy as such: Meeting and exceeding the requirements and expectations of our partners by minimizing the environmental impacts and reducing the risks of professional accidents and illnesses. 

In order to achieve this purpose the general directions are:

  • Embracing a proactive attitude and promoting employee involvement in the process of continuous improvement regarding satisfying and anticipating our customers’ future needs.
  • Ensuring proper maintenance and usage of all the equipment and installations while minimizing potential negative impacts over environment, health and safety at work.
  • Providing training and awareness of all personnel on matters regarding the environmental protection, health and safety at work.

The Integrated Management System Policy encourages us in achieving the following general objectives:

  • Permanently increasing the trust and satisfaction of customers.
  • Building employee awareness through training, active involvement and motivation.
  • Ensuring sustainable development of our organization.
  • Controlling and taking measures to reduce occupational exposures, as well as resource usage, emissions and pollutions within our own manufacturing and operations.
  • Selective waste collection, recovery or disposal of waste through specialized centers.

This policy is communicated throughout the company and to all our partners and sub-contractors. It represents the framework for setting objectives to each department. It is subject to routine monitoring, measurement and continual improvement to ensure a reliable Quality, Safety, Health, and Environmental management system and performance. It will be available to the public, via the company web site


General Manager

Alexandru-Traian Carbunarea