Official Statement

Beware of scam emails using TESS INDUSTRIE S.A.’s name and/or logo


Tess Industrie S.A. continues to receive reports of fraudulent e-mail scams, claiming to be associated with Tess Industrie S.A., which instruct potential victims to provide personal financial information or to make a payment in order to claim a job offer.

These scam e-mails may appear to contain Tess Industrie logo or name and may appear to have been written by current high ranking Tess Industrie S.A. officials. The purpose of these e-mails is apparently to obtain the victims’ personal details and/or bank account information, which may lead to identity theft or extortion attempts.

Tess Industrie S.A. is not associated with the individuals responsible for these e-mails. Tess Industrie S.A. does not send unsolicited emails to the public and all official communication uses email suffixes ending in . Tess Industrie S.A. does not engage in the types of transactions claimed in the fraudulent e-mails.

TESS INDUSTRIE S.A. will never send emails asking people to provide, update, or verify their personal or account information, such as passwords, Social Security Numbers, PINs, credit or Check Card numbers, or other confidential information.

If you receive any of these fraudulent emails, do not reply to the message. Under no circumstances should you send your banking details, personal information, and payments to the sender. Do not click on the links, URL (internet address), or open the attachments, no matter how enticing they appear.

To report fraudulent or malicious emails, you may contact the TESS INDUSTRIE IT Security at (link sends e-mail).




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